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Your Best Alternative to Traditional Banking

One Account; All Currencies

Receive payments from 180+ countries! convert and send in 58+ currencies!! Save by paying like a local to 22 countries!!!

Affordable International Payment

Why pay more for global money movements?
With Radiant Money, you get the advantage of minimal fees for international payment as well as competitive exchange rates.

Experience significant savings compared to traditional UK banks – a smarter way to do transactions without liquidating your business.

Bank Smarter
with Radiant Money

Simplify your global transactions with our multi-currency account. Operate wallets in numerous selectable currencies, sustaining balances in 58+ currencies. Facilitate effortless transfers, additions, and movement of funds between accounts anytime.

Business Account

Take your business global with your Radiant Money multi-currency business account.
Join businesses that are streamlining their global transactions with safe secure fast efficient reliable and affordable platform. Join Radiant Money today!!!


Local Collection

Receive local payments in USD, EUR, GBP or CAD at a fee close to nothing.
Share your local account details with your suppliers/ customers and start receiving payments like a local.

Swift Collection

Easy solution to simply international collection. One account; all currencies.
Receive payments from 180+ countries in local currencies or in your choice of currency, convert and spend without your sender having to sign-up.

Live FX Rates

Rapidly convert your currency at competitive live exchange rate and make speedy international payments with reduced fees. When transferring money with us, enjoy exchange rates that best the conventional banks.
Simplifying Global Payments

Low-Cost Transfers

Our fees are more economical compared to banks and classic money transfer providers.

Global Coverage

We enable quick transfers to a broad range of countries, with continuous delivery options to select Countries.

Fast Setup

Open an account in as little as 5 minutes. Sending money is made simple and transparent, devoid of hidden fees.

Dedicated Support
Our customer service team is perpetually ready to provide help and support.

Safeguarding Your Money

Our payment system is built on state-of-the art security technology to ensure the safety of your money.

Stay in control with our resilient anti-fraud tools, encompassing Strong Customer Authentication and advanced device authorization.

We keep your funds 100% secure with top financial institutions, separate from our operating accounts.

Getting Started is Simple

Download our application to facilitate online transfers to more than 180 countries, receive real-time updates, and manage your account remotely.

Keep an eye on your transactions and foreign exchange. View your transaction history whenever necessary.

Our Coverage

Radiant Money connects you to over 180 countries with unparalleled efficiency. Embrace the freedom of conducting financial transactions worldwide, whether it’s for business or personal needs. Our platform ensures secure, swift, and seamless access to diverse financial services — from currency exchange to managing multiple wallets. Experience financial fluidity like never before.

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