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Why Choose Our Business Loan?

At Radiant Money, we understand business needs like no other. That’s why our business loan services are crafted to offer flexibility, speed, and support, making your growth our priority. You can borrow between £5,000 to £1,000,000 for a 1-18 month advance length.

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Key Features

Crafted with small businesses in mind, our business loans are swift and straightforward, just like your operations.

Revenue-based <br>Financing


Repayments are tailored to your daily customer card transactions. As your business flourishes, so does your repayment flexibility.

Adaptable <br>Repayments


With repayments determined by a fixed percentage of your daily transactions, they align seamlessly with your cash flow.

Swift Access to <br>Funds

Swift Access to

Bypass lengthy waiting periods. Our expedited application process ensures you gain access to your funds in just a few days.

✅ No Collateral

✅ No Collateral

Leap forward without the burden. Our business loans are unsecured, meaning no assets are required to back your loan.

✅ Versatile Usage

✅ Versatile Usage

Whether it’s restocking, infrastructure enhancements, or a new marketing push, our loans cater to any business requirement.

Unlock Your Business Potential

At Radiant Money, we understand the intricacies and dynamism of the business world. Our business loans are not just financial aids; they’re catalysts, specifically designed to accelerate your growth and help you realize untapped opportunities.


Business types

We cater to a variety of enterprises including Sole traders, Limited companies, and Partnerships.

Operational Duration

Your business should have been active and operational for at least 6 months, showcasing your dedication and persistence.

Minimum monthly turnover

We look for a healthy financial flow, so your business should maintain a minimum monthly turnover of £5000+.