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A contactless Visa card that opens doors worldwide.

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Download our app today to dive into a seamless payment, transfer, and multicurrency journey.

Elevate Your Spending Like a Local

Our stylish Radiant Money cards are crafted to complement your plan and lifestyle. Select your Radiant Money plan and receive a complimentary physical card delivered swiftly. Begin transacting immediately with your digital card.

Smartphone Payments Simplified

Effortlessly complete payments in-store and online using your phone. With Apple Pay and Google Pay, leave your physical card behind, and embrace the ease of digital payments. We currently do not have apple pay and google pay; customers can only pay with their virtual cards.

Your Money, Accessible Globally

Access your funds effortlessly, whether in-store, online, or at ATMs around the globe, enjoying your Prepaid Mastercard’s competitive exchange rates.
A card per currency. Have separate cards for all your major currencies.

  • Keep your money safe.
  • Save money on conversion.
  • Spend in any country like a local

Tap and Go with Contactless Payments

Experience fast, easy, and secure transactions with just a tap of your Radiant Money prepaid debit card at any contactless point.

Control at Your Fingertips

Did you misplace your card? Secure your account and safeguard your funds by instantly locking your card through the Radiant Money app.